Angie Rowntree’s “Invictus” Racks Up Another Win

Angie Rowntree’s “Invictus” Racks Up Another Win

Angie Rowntree’s “Invictus” Racks Up Another Win

CYBERSPACE— founder Angie Rowntree’s post-apocalyptic film Invictus has taken home the Award of Prestige for Best Sci-Fi Film at the Vegas Movie Awards. The film also garnered an honorable mention in the “Best Indie Feature” category, making Invictus eligible for the annual Vegas Movie Awards event in May 2020.

“It’s very fulfilling to see the success Invictus has enjoyed,” Rowntree said. “I’m looking forward to the annual edition next May, where we’ll be up against some excellent competition.”  As stated on its website, the Vegas Movie Awards “celebrate and support Independent, new, and alternative filmmakers… we believe in fresh voices, capable of doing original, edgy, risky films that defy the mainstream.”

Invictus is the story of scientist Jane Darling (Delirious Hunter), a woman determined to combat the social and environmental decay into which the world has descended. Invictus also stars Ava Mir-Auszienhen as Ava, and Joeydotrawr as Paul Young, a journalist who escaped the government’s crackdown on the independent press.

The Vegas Movie Award win is the latest of many Invictus and Rowntree have earned. Earlier this year, the film and its director won Best Sci-Fi Short and Best Director (Female) at the Independent Shorts Awards and the Florence Film Awards in Florence, Italy.

Invictus was a finalist in the Best Sci-Fi category at the Indie Short Fest, and a semi-finalist at the Toronto Alternative Film Festival (AltFF), the Los Angeles CineFest, and jellyFEST. It was an Official Selection at the Queen Palm International Film Festival in Palm Springs, CA and at The European Independent Film Awards.

“I must admit I’m a little gobsmacked by the reception Invictus has received. It’s very humbling,” director Rowntree said.

Reviewers have observed the ways in which “Invictus”, like much of Rowntree’s work, ventures into emotional and philosophical territory not commonly explored in adult films. “This dark-toned post-Trumpian fable has a Walking Dead vibe, with gorgeous cinematography and top-notch love scenes,” wrote film critic Peg Aloi (formerly of The Boston Phoenix).

The explicit version of Invictus is available on Rowntree’s flagship adult site, An R-rated version is available via Amazon Prime.

Review copies of Invictus are available free of charge for media outlets and film reviewers by contacting [email protected]

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