Adria Rae Applies Herself in ‘Babysitter Auditions’

Adria Rae Applies Herself in ‘Babysitter Auditions’

Adria Rae Applies Herself in 'Babysitter Auditions'

LOS ANGELES—Once again, Joanna Angel and Small Hands are holding Babysitter Auditions inon, in search of the perfect addition to their ménage.

Written and directed by Joanna Angel, Babysitter Auditions follows the machinations of a couple holding job interviews for a sitter opening. But since they’re actually childless, it’s quickly clear they’re more interested in babes than babysitting.

The latest episode addresses the importance of maintaining a stress-free environment at home. Job applicant Adria (Adria Rae) must adhere to house rules to gain employment with Joanna and Small Hands. What helps relieve stress? A soothing massage, ending with Rae and Angel getting their hands all over Small Hands.

As in past Babysitter Auditions, expect humorous dialogue, a sexy tease and an oil-covered babysitter hopeful—leading to a slippery threesome.

“I was so excited when Joanna and Small Hands asked me to audition as a babysitter. I am extremely irresponsible and horrible with kids—which made me the perfect fake babysitter for them! I had so much fun and I love the feedback the scene is getting,” Rae said.

“Adria did great with this! Her adorable, innocent face next to me and Small Hands’ not so innocent faces made a hilarious contrast. The massage sequence where Adria is in lingerie and we have cucumbers on our eyes is so sexy and so funny. I’m proud of this episode and this entire series in general. Every scene has been perfect,” Angel added.

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