Kink Director JohnPaul the Pope Prepping New Thriller ‘Derelikt’

Kink Director JohnPaul the Pope Prepping New Thriller ‘Derelikt’

Kink Director JohnPaul the Pope Prepping New Thriller 'Derelikt'

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Longtime director JohnPaul the Pope is currently in post-production on his second full-length feature, a horror/thriller project titled Derelikt.

A follow-up of sorts to his 2016 feature Deception: A XXX Thriller, which went on to win the AVN Award for Best BDSM Movie at the 2017 ceremony, Derelikt has been a work long in the coming, according to the director.

“I came up with the idea for this movie four years ago,” JohnPaul told AVN. “Once I took over’s flagship site, Hogtied, I decided to do a big feature. I had ideas in my head, and the first one that made it to paper was Deception. There were a lot of events that postponed this movie, but I always knew that I was going to make it one day. We wrapped prodution in early May, and I can’t wait for the world to see it.”

As to the unique spelling he chose for the movie’s name, JohnPaul explained, “I was trying to decide on a title, and was looking at the definition of the word to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. I saw the phonetic spelling and knew that was the way I wanted it to be for the movie.”

Derelikt stars Casey Calvert and Charlotte Sartre, who each expressed a great deal of enthusiasm about the project.

Commented Sartre, “I had the experience of a lifetime working on this movie! I am so honored JP cast me in this project because he had been working on writing it for years prior and I know how important and special this film is, not just for him but for everyone involved. We really made something beautiful and I will treasure this forever!”

For her part, Calvert offered, “Shooting Derelikt was such an incredible experience! Everything from the location to the crew to my co-star Charlotte—everything all perfect. I want to thank JP for the opportunity to flex my acting chops and do something really cool for a company very near and dear to my heart. I think the fans are going to absolutely love what we made.”

While remaining in the thriller wheelhouse of Deception, JohnPaul teased that with Derelikt, “I think we made it scarier and edgier. It was fun to make and we did a few really cool shots to help boost the scare factor.”

Derelikt is slated for a late summer release. 

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