Guest blog: Will he be released from chastity?

Guest blog: Will he be released from chastity?

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Please welcome this week’s guest blogger, @WaldorfSixpence, who has a hot BDSM story for you. He also has a special place in my heart because we’ve been following each other on Twitter for ages, and I bloody love it when readers become writers, and offer up their own erotic tales to share. His fabulous guest blog does that deliciously sexy thing where it balances right on the edge of sexual tension, as one guy aches to be released from chastity

Will he be released from chastity?

“Does it ache yet?” She leaned over her boy, sat kneeling and naked on the floor in front of her. Naked, save for the chastity device that had kept his cock locked away all weekend.

“I’ve been aching for days,” he replied, taking care to watch his tone lest she think him complaining.

It doesn’t end well if he complains.

“How much do you want to get out?” she asked with a smirk, leaning forward just a little bit more. The key to his cock cage dangled from her necklace, and drew his eyes to her chest. His cock began to swell in its cage, and he winced at the increasing tightness. His face turned a deep crimson, and he begun to mumble whatever words he thought she wanted to hear. She interrupted him.

“Not like that, loser. Show me.”

She leant back in her chain and hiked up her skirt, spreading her legs before him. Moving forward on his hands and knees, he eagerly got to work with his tongue. The sounds, and the taste, and the scent of her arousal made his cage feel even tighter, and he ached ever more. He was desperate to please her. Desperate to make her come. Desperate to earn his own euphoric release.

He continued to worship her cunt, trying to focus on the movement of his tongue across her clit, putting all his thoughts into her pleasure, to try to block out his own deep and desperate ache.

It didn’t work.

A subtle change in her breathing served to let him know he was performing well, and he redoubled his efforts; knowing she was close, knowing that meant he was close too. He held his breath and flicked his tongue against her again and again, determined not to come up for air for fear of losing the rhythm – and earning her scorn.

He felt her fingers grasp his hair, gripping tight and pulling his face deep into her cunt as she came. He couldn’t breathe, but he didn’t care.

“Good boy” she breathed, putting her skirt back in place. “Now go and make me a coffee.”

He almost began to complain – just for a moment – but thought better of it. Putting all thoughts of unfairness out of his mind, he hurried to fetch her drink.

He returned with her favourite mug in hand, still naked except for his cage, and she smiled at him. She took her coffee and placed it on the table beside her.


He knelt in front of her, and she smiled again, looking over him as if admiring something precious. She took a pair of handcuffs from the table, and fastened his hands behind his back.

“Such a good boy. You surely deserve to be unlocked, don’t you?”

Slowly, she reached up to her neck, and removed the necklace and the key. She didn’t need to look at the boy to know that his eyes were fixed upon the key, hawk-like. Or, perhaps, more like a sparrow watching a hawk – nervously. She bent down and removed the lock from his cage. With a sharp click, days of sexual tension were freed. His cock, kept pent up for so long, twitched with pent up desire; a desperate need to be touched.

She lubed up her hands and began to work them up and down his shaft, rock hard from days of unfulfilled lust. She expertly caressed his cock, driving him closer and closer towards his long-awaited climax. All of his pent up sexual frustration was ready to burst out – he began to moan and buck his hips, thrusting against the soft and wet palms of her hands.

He was close. So close – when she let go.

“I didn’t say anything about letting you come.”

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